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About Snout & Strut

Snout & Strut is more than just a brand; it is a heartfelt celebration of the extraordinary relationship shared between dogs and their human companions. Through a curated collection of premium products, spanning from apparel and accessories to home goods, Snout & Strut encapsulates the joy and companionship that come with being a dog owner. Every item is thoughtfully designed to reflect the spirit, playfulness, and unwavering loyalty that define the unique bond between dogs and their people.

The Concept Behind Logo

The logo for Snout & Strut is a blend of contemporary aesthetics and heartfelt symbolism. The bold and customized typography, with subtle yet intricate paw print designs, embodies the strength and elegance associated with the brand.

Complementing the text is a minimalist dog silhouette, exuding simplicity and character, further enhanced by the addition of stylish sunglasses and a charismatic bowtie. This carefully crafted logo encapsulates the essence of Snout & Strut, serving as a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to style, sophistication, and the joy of canine companionship.



Palette Color

The carefully chosen color palette for Snout & Strut is a testament to the brand’s commitment to modernity and universal appeal. The primary color, a deep and trust-inspiring blue, forms the foundation of the palette, reflecting the reliability and authenticity that Snout & Strut embodies.

Complementary earthy tones add warmth and depth to the overall design, creating a sense of familiarity and approachability. This balanced palette fosters a visual experience that resonates with a wide audience, invoking a feeling of comfort, trust, and connection.

Main Type


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Sub Type

Snout &

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Character & Icons

The carefully crafted character and icons embody Snout & Strut’s values, showcasing a minimalist dog silhouette with fashionable sunglasses and a bowtie. This representation signifies playfulness, style, and sophistication while emphasizing the brand’s dedication to quality and the bond between humans and dogs. Its simplicity and charm resonate with both dog lovers and fashion enthusiasts, conveying a message of elegance and individuality.

Main Type

The chosen main type for Snout & Strut reflects strength, confidence, and playfulness, featuring a bold, modern, and clean uppercase typeface. Inspired by dog themes, the customized typography exudes sophistication and individuality, embodying the brand’s dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and heartfelt design. This curated typography adds a distinctive and timeless touch, enhancing Snout & Strut’s contemporary visual identity.

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