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Project Overview

Nor-com, a project which is a literal reflection of robust challenges and our experience-driven solutions to tackle them. Seeking a modern, innovative, and sophisticated website design, Nor-com tasked us with creating a platform that would effectively rebrand and cater to the diverse B2B audience. Inspired by captivating animations from reference websites, we faced the challenge of seamlessly infusing these elements into a design that would appeal to a professional audience. Within tight deadlines, we worked closely with Nor-com to implement their feedback promptly. Our user-centric approach and creative design solutions resulted in a visually appealing and professional website that perfectly aligned with Nor-com's objectives, marking a successful collaboration between our teams.

The Problem

The challenge was to create a modern web design with a diverse range of services, including Digital Marketing, Business Development, Web Development, ICT Solutions, Consultant for Hire, and Revenue Sharing Partnerships. The client desired a website that would appeal to a broad B2B audience while incorporating engaging animations inspired by reference websites like Vekstloop, BlendB2B, Column Five Media, and others.

The Solution

To address Nor-com’s challenge, we devised a comprehensive website redesign plan that encompasses multiple key pages. The “Home Page” acts as a compelling introduction to Nor-com’s identity and mission, while the “Our Services” section highlights the range of services offered. The “Workflow Processes” page provides an overview of Nor-com’s efficient working methods, and the “Our Partners” and “Network” page showcases valuable industry connections.

We added “Success Stories” which are efficient to build trust and credibility, while the “Our Team” section introduces the dedicated professionals behind Nor-com’s success. Along with that, we added “Achievements” and “Get in Touch” to make the website inclusive of nature. Throughout the website, engaging animations were strategically implemented to captivate and inform visitors, creating a dynamic and immersive user experience.

Our Approach

To meet Nor-com’s goals, we adopted a user-centric approach:

In-Depth Research

We conducted extensive research into industry trends, competitor websites, and user preferences.

Creative Design

Leveraging our client's preference for dark-themed websites and the inspiration from reference websites, we crafted a visually appealing and professional design.

Interactive Animations

To create a memorable user experience, we incorporated animations in strategic locations throughout the website.

User-Friendly Navigation

We ensured that the website's structure allowed for easy navigation and accessibility.

Client Feedback

We faced the challenge of addressing client feedback and revisions promptly to meet tight deadlines.

Design Complexity

Incorporating animations while maintaining website performance required precise design and development.

Content Integration

We needed to seamlessly integrate Nor-com's services, success stories, and team information into the design.

The Challenges

The project posed several challenges:

The Solution

e360Digital is a team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering top-notch UI/UX solutions. Our mission is to create engaging, innovative, and impactful designs that align with our clients’ goals and vision. We understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration to ensure that our clients’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.


In this case study, we’ve outlined how we tackled the challenge of transforming Nor-com’s website UI/UX to reflect its rebranding as a dynamic IT and Digital Marketing Agency in Norway. By combining our expertise in design, user experience, and creative solutions, we successfully delivered a modern, innovative, and visually appealing website that meets our client’s objectives. The collaboration between our team and the client allowed for feedback and revisions, resulting in a final product that embodies Nor-com’s professionalism and commitment to excellence.

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