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Living & Loving Life

The Introduction

Diane, an aspiring author, approached e360Digital with a heartfelt memoir “Living and Loving Life All Day Everyday '', that needed a visually appealing and emotionally resonant book cover. She required a cover that met the specifications of both Amazon and Ingram, for both print and eBook formats, with particular dimensions of 6x9 inches.

Our journey with Diane was to fashion a cover that would breathe life into her narrative in every sense. With each stroke of creativity and every pixel of design, our mission was to translate her passion and her memoir's essence into a book cover that would serve as the perfect crisp of her story.

The Company

When we say “we are visionaries'', we mean it. Being a full-service digital agency, our prime focus is simple yet profound, we transform visionary ideas into tangible realities. Imagination, creativity and ideas have no bounds and we firmly believe in this fact.

Our values are rooted in pioneering strategies and an unwavering commitment to driving outcomes that redefine industry standards
for we are e360Digital!

The Challenges

Diane wanted to incorporate small, symbolic artworks into the chapter headers, such as feathers, butterflies, rainbows, bluebirds, and flowers, to reflect the theme of her book. She provided two photos for the back cover, one featuring herself and the other portraying her late son, Matthew. Also, she provided an example of chapter header artwork that she admired, featuring a blue feather and sparkles, which held special meaning to her as they were connected to personal signs from her late son.

The Solution

To address Diane's needs and desires, e360Digital embarked on a creative journey to craft a book cover that would cover the essence of her memoir “Living and Loving Life All Day Everyday''. Our team understood the importance of creating a cover that not only adhered to industry standards but also resonated with her story.

Our Approach

We poured our heart and soul into crafting a book cover that would bring Diane's heartfelt memoir to life. Along with carefully considering her vision, our team worked closely with her to create a cover that was both visually stunning and resonant with the book's message. Here’s how we approached this project:

Symbols that Speak

We delved into Diane's story to grasp the significance of symbols like blue feathers, sparkles, and rainbows. These symbols played a crucial role in her narrative and were integral to the cover's design.


We initiated a series of design iterations, incorporating Diane's feedback and preferences. This iterative process allowed us to refine and perfect the cover's aesthetics.


Diane's request for a cursive gold title was considered, and we experimented with different fonts to ensure the title's visual impact aligned with her vision. Ultimately, we selected Garamond for the main title, sub-title, and back cover title to create an elegant and readable design.

Artwork Integration

We incorporated the desired chapter header artwork of blue feathers and sparkles, aligning them with Diane's vision of simplicity and symbolism.

Color Palette Refinement

We worked to achieve the specific shade of blue for the feather and explored background color options, ensuring they matched Diane's preferences and the mood of her book.

Sparkle Accents

We strategically added sparkles to the front, spine, and back cover titles, creating a magical and whimsical atmosphere that tied all elements of the cover together.

Final Touches

To provide the finishing touches, we centered the top heading on the back cover and applied a blue font with light sparkles to enhance the cover's appeal.


In conclusion, e360Digital transformed Diane's heartfelt memoir “Living and Loving Life All Day Everyday'' into a captivating book cover that beautifully encapsulates the essence of her story. The final design reflects the symbolism and emotion of her narrative while adhering to industry standards. Our commitment helped us in bringing her creative visions to life.

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