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e360Digital collaborated with Edelweiss Ski Club to revamp its brand identity through a contemporary logo design. The project focused on integrating the essence of the Edelweiss flower and the thrill of snow skiing into a sleek and sophisticated emblem that would resonate with the club’s audience. Our task was to create three initial logo concepts that reflect the spirit of the club while infusing a modern touch.

Project Objectives

Target Audience

Specific Client Instructions

Project Objectives

Project Objectives

Our design team meticulously crafted three distinct logo concepts, each encapsulating the vibrancy of the Edelweiss Ski Club and the exhilaration of snow skiing. These concepts were carefully curated to reflect the elegance and contemporary vibe desired by the client while remaining true to the essence of the Edelweiss flower.


Conceptualization and Ideation

In the initial stages, our design team engaged in intensive brainstorming sessions, fostering a collaborative environment that encouraged the exploration of diverse design concepts. Our focus remained on creating concepts that would communicate the club’s prestige and adventurous spirit while capturing the essence of its legacy.


Design Inspiration

The rugged yet graceful characteristics of the snow-covered peaks and the adrenaline-inducing rush of skiing down powdery slopes were our key sources of inspiration. We also sought to infuse elements that evoke the camaraderie and exclusivity associated with ski clubs, ensuring that the logo resonated deeply with the target audience’s aspirations and experiences.

Creative Implementation

This process involved careful consideration of typography, color schemes, and visual elements to ensure seamless integration of the Edelweiss flower and snow skiing motifs. Leveraging the latest design trends and techniques, we refined the balance between intricacy and simplicity, aiming to create a logo that would not only reflect the core values of the Edelweiss Ski Club but also resonate with a contemporary audience.

Best of Three

The first logo version symbolizes the grace and elegance of snow skiing, drawing inspiration from the pristine beauty of the Edelweiss flower. The smooth curves and intricate detailing create a sense of sophistication, capturing the club’s refined atmosphere.
The second version embodies the dynamic energy of snow skiing through its bold typography and subtle incorporation of the Edelweiss flower. The use of vibrant colors signifies the thrill and adventure that await members of the Edelweiss Ski Club.
The third version seamlessly blends the classic charm of the Edelweiss flower with the contemporary allure of snow skiing. Its minimalist design and balanced composition reflect the club’s commitment to tradition and innovation, appealing to a diverse audience.


Through strong collaboration and a keen understanding of the client’s vision, e360Digital successfully crafted a series of captivating logo designs that encapsulate the essence of the Edelweiss Ski Club. By seamlessly blending the elegance of the Edelweiss flower with the excitement of snow skiing, the new logo serves as a testament to the club’s commitment to sophistication, adventure, and timeless appeal.

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