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Project Overview

e360Digital was entrusted with the creation of a seamless logo design for 61 North Wilderness, a top-leading company that provides supplies and services for people who want to go camping and hiking in the wild places of Alaska. The client’s specific requirements included the incorporation of a brown bear, a salmon or rainbow trout, a floatplane, and mountains into the logo. They desired a design that exuded professionalism and class while appealing to a target audience of wealthy men between the ages of 35-75 and big corporations.

Target Audience

The primary target audience consists of affluent individuals seeking exceptional wilderness experiences. Additionally, the brand aims to attract corporate clientele interested in unique and adventurous team-building excursions.

Design Guidelines

The client emphasized a preference for a clean and crisp design, with specific elements such as a brown bear, a salmon, a floatplane resembling a Cessna 185, and mountains. They desired a visually compelling logo that would resonate with their target audience, evoking a sense of confidence in the professionalism and expertise of the 61 North Wilderness team.

Brand Personality

61 North Wilderness seeks to embody a blend of rugged adventure and refined sophistication. The logo needed to reflect the company’s commitment to professionalism and the exhilarating experience of exploring the pristine Alaskan wilderness.

Brand Identity

61 North Wilderness aspires to be recognized as a premier provider of exclusive, guided wilderness adventures in Alaska, offering unparalleled experiences amidst the natural beauty of the northern landscapes. The brand identity should communicate trust, adventure, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service in the wilderness tourism sector.

Logo Usage

The logo was designed for multiple uses, including digital platforms, print materials, merchandise, and potentially as a prominent feature on the company’s wilderness equipment and clothing. It was intended to serve as the primary visual representation of the brand, capturing the essence of 61 North Wilderness in a single emblematic image.

Timeless Appeal

The design aimed to be timeless, ensuring its enduring relevance and resonance with the audience over the years. By integrating classic elements of the Alaskan wilderness, the logo was crafted to withstand changing design trends and maintain its captivating allure, making it a lasting symbol of the 61 North Wilderness brand.

Sprinkling Our Magical Expertise

Creative Process

We are known for our innovative and effective solutions, so continuing the legacy, we started the journey of crafting a logo for 61 North Wilderness, a brand that embodies the spirit of the Alaskan wilderness. The team, with their keen eyes and creative minds, delved into the rich representation of Alaskan imagery, seeking inspiration from the rugged mountains, pristine rivers, and majestic wildlife. We carefully considered various design elements, such as color, typography, and symbolism, to create a logo that would cohesively and visually represent the brand’s identity and values.

Conceptual Evolution

Through a process of feedback and refinement, the team worked on the key elements that would best communicate the brand’s unique positioning, eventually leading to the final design that encapsulated the essence of 61 North Wilderness.

Color Psychology

The selection of colors played a crucial role in conveying the desired message and eliciting specific emotional responses from the target audience. By incorporating shades of blue to signify trust and professionalism, while subtly infusing natural hues to evoke the pristine beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, the logo was crafted to resonate with the adventurous spirit and refined tastes of the brand’s clientele.

Versatility and Adaptability

The logo was heartily crafted to ensure its adaptability across various mediums and applications, allowing for seamless integration into digital and print platforms, merchandise, and promotional materials. Its scalable design and adaptability to different backgrounds and contexts enable 61 North Wilderness to maintain a consistent brand presence across diverse touchpoints, emphasizing greater brand recognition and recall.

Client Satisfaction and Impact

E360Digital’s collaboration with 61 North Wilderness resulted in a logo that not only met the client’s expectations but also surpassed them, effectively positioning the brand as a challenging player in the wilderness tourism sector. The logo’s successful integration into the brand’s identity contributed to improved customer engagement, and an overall enhancement of 61 North Wilderness’s market presence giving a competitive edge.

Future Branding Prospects

The final logo design serves as a solid foundation for 61 North Wilderness’s future branding endeavors, providing a cohesive visual identity that can be extended to encompass broader branding strategies, marketing campaigns, and customer experiences. Its timeless appeal and adaptability position the brand for sustained growth and continued success in the dynamic landscape of the wilderness tourism industry.

Summing Up the Alaskan Wilderness

To capture the essence of 61 North Wilderness, a premier provider of guided Alaskan adventures, e360Digital crafted a captivating and timeless logo.

The logo features a majestic brown bear, a soaring salmon, and a rugged mountain range, all rendered in rich, evocative colors that evoke the sense of wonder and awe that awaits visitors to the Alaskan wilderness. Targeting affluent individuals and corporate entities, the logo’s timeless design and versatile application solidify 61 North Wilderness’s position as a premier provider of guided Alaskan adventures.

It was the story of a logo that evokes the wonder and awe of the Alaskan wilderness, brought to life by e360Digital.

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