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Web-Development Case Study: AOM Partner About e360Digital e360Digital, a leading full-service digital agency, recently completed a transformative web development project for AOM Partner. Specializing in innovative and impactful digital solutions, we took on the challenge of revitalizing AOM Partner's online presence to align

Papa Ray FOODS Project Overview Papa Ray Foods, a purveyor of authentic Cajun cuisine, approached e360Digital with a pressing need to revamp and migrate their existing website from GoDaddy Commerce to Shopify. Seeking to enhance user engagement and elevate their online presence, Papa

Project Overview e360Digital recently partnered with Nev Santana, a Brooklyn-based author and creative storyteller, to redesign his website. With a passion for writing and a desire to inspire individuals from diverse backgrounds, Nev aims to create a modern, user-friendly platform that

Wholesale Distributor Website Redesign ABOUT AMBT American Multi-Brand Trading (AMBT) is a leading wholesale distributor with over a decade of experience in the industry. Specializing in a diverse selection of brands and an extensive range of categories, AMBT is committed to providing top-notch

Project Details The primary objective of this project was to breathe new life into the existing roll-up banner design, making it more visually striking and aligned with McGill & Hill Group's brand image. Specific requirements included maintaining the color integrity of

ABOUT The Phoenix Cannabis Co., a burgeoning high-quality and premium marijuana brand and dispensary based in Phoenix, AZ, sought a distinctive and ownable logo as part of its rebranding initiative. Targeting a shift from a middle to low-end customer base, the

Project Overview e360Digital was tasked with creating two distinct and appealing designs for a print-on-demand dog-themed apparel collection, targeting dog lovers who wish to express their canine affection. The designs aimed to resonate emotionally, combining humor, nostalgia, and love for pets. Design

The Project e360Digital, a full-service digital agency, undertook a logo design project for Guitar Pickups Direct (GPD), a specialized online platform focusing on electric guitar accessories. Client Brief GPD sought a visually striking logo that embodied funkiness and quality, reflecting their commitment to

Chapter-01 Overview Who Are We e360Digital, a full-service digital agency specializing in creative and strategic solutions to elevate brand identities. Target Audience Public and private schools, non-profit organizations, and small entities experiencing growth and seeking innovative solutions. Name for Logo Futurum Paratus Background Preference Black (But client was open

Brand Strategy Project Overview e360Digital was tasked with the rebranding of Taege Law Offices, a boutique legal firm specializing in family law. The primary objective was to create a logo that reflects the firm's professional expertise, sophistication, and exclusivity, while distinctly setting