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ABOUT The Phoenix Cannabis Co., a burgeoning high-quality and premium marijuana brand and dispensary based in Phoenix, AZ, sought a distinctive and ownable logo as part of its rebranding initiative. Targeting a shift from a middle to low-end customer base, the

Project Overview e360Digital was tasked with creating two distinct and appealing designs for a print-on-demand dog-themed apparel collection, targeting dog lovers who wish to express their canine affection. The designs aimed to resonate emotionally, combining humor, nostalgia, and love for pets. Design

The Project e360Digital, a full-service digital agency, undertook a logo design project for Guitar Pickups Direct (GPD), a specialized online platform focusing on electric guitar accessories. Client Brief GPD sought a visually striking logo that embodied funkiness and quality, reflecting their commitment to

Chapter-01 Overview Who Are We e360Digital, a full-service digital agency specializing in creative and strategic solutions to elevate brand identities. Target Audience Public and private schools, non-profit organizations, and small entities experiencing growth and seeking innovative solutions. Name for Logo Futurum Paratus Background Preference Black (But client was open

Brand Strategy Project Overview e360Digital was tasked with the rebranding of Taege Law Offices, a boutique legal firm specializing in family law. The primary objective was to create a logo that reflects the firm's professional expertise, sophistication, and exclusivity, while distinctly setting

Project OverviewProperty Development Management Professionals (PDMP) is a prominent entity in the real estate industry known for its exceptional property management services. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to delivering top-tier solutions, PDMP sought to revamp its brand

About Snout & Strut Snout & Strut is more than just a brand; it is a heartfelt celebration of the extraordinary relationship shared between dogs and their human companions. Through a curated collection of premium products, spanning from apparel and accessories

Brand Strategy Project Overview Elevate Medicine Collective was looking for a dynamic logo design signifying a pivotal step in solidifying its brand identity within the wellness niche. With a focus on well-being and community enrichment, the project aimed to encapsulate the brand's

Project Overview e360Digital successfully completed a comprehensive logo design project for Nor-Com, a dynamic and forward-thinking technology, and digital marketing consultancy firm. With a goal to create a professional, innovative, and sophisticated brand identity, e360Digital embarked on a creative journey to

Overview e360Digital collaborated with Edelweiss Ski Club to revamp its brand identity through a contemporary logo design. The project focused on integrating the essence of the Edelweiss flower and the thrill of snow skiing into a sleek and sophisticated emblem that