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Upwork Decoded – The Secrets to Capture a Retainer Worth $5000 a Month

Upwork-Decoded - The-Secrets-to-Capture-a-Retainer-Worth-$5000-a-Month

Wohoo! I got an order but wait what! It is worth $5000!!!


Sounds like a dream right?! Well, we at e360Digital have actually conquered this milestone.

No doubt getting orders on Upwork is itself a struggle. Any newbie or even experienced freelancers as well struggles with finding new clients. So, if we talk about getting orders worth 1000s of dollars then that’s nothing but a sweet little dream.

Now, put it another way. What if we say that we have successfully managed to capture a retainer worth $5000 a month? Shocking & Sounds impossible, right? Well, getting a retainer on Upwork is no easy feat. It takes hard work, dedication, and a strong understanding of how the platform works. But it’s definitely possible, as e360Digital has already done that.

This blog gives a sneak peek into how we managed to grab a retainer worth $5000 a month and how you can replicate our success as well.

How We Did It?

Here are some of the key things we did to land a $5,000 retainer a month and help them build their Amazon account from the ground up.

How We Did It Upwork-Decoded-Worth-$5000-a-Month

Extensive Research – Discovering the Hidden Niches

We did our extensive research. Before we even started bidding on projects, we took our time to research the most in-demand skills on Upwork and the niches that we were confident about. This is how we served clients looking for Amazon services.

Discovering the Hidden Niches-fiver

Even we did our thorough research to better understand the Amazon marketplace and the products that were in high demand. We also spied at our client’s target audience to comprehend what they were looking for in a product.

Took Help of Upwork Milestone – Our Secret Recipe to Locking a $5000 Retainer a Month

Hey there, fellow hustlers! Today, I’m thrilled to spill the beans on how we clinched an amazing retainer client worth $5000 through our savvy utilization of Upwork Milestone. Buckle up and join me on this exciting journey as I unveil our winning strategy!

Took Help of Upwork Milestone

Smart & Innovative Approach

As ambitious digital entrepreneurs, we had our eyes set on conquering the Amazon marketplace, and when we stumbled upon an incredible opportunity with a client aiming to launch and manage their Amazon store, we knew it was our chance to shine. However, winning their trust and securing a long-term partnership required a smart and innovative approach.

Let’s Talk About The “Perks”

Enter Upwork Milestone – our secret weapon in the pursuit of excellence. We strategically utilized Upwork’s Milestone feature to outline clear deliverables and payment milestones, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional results. By breaking down the project into manageable phases, we provided our client with transparency, giving them confidence in our ability to fulfill their vision.

How We Won Our Client’s Heart?

Through effective communication, timely completion of milestones, and exceeding their expectations at every turn, we not only won the retainer contract but also forged a strong working relationship built on trust and mutual success. Our journey with this client is just beginning, but we are already thrilled to be on board, ready to help them soar to new heights on the bustling Amazon platform.

Remember, fellow hustlers, strategic use of Upwork Milestone can be a game-changer when it comes to landing high-value clients and showcasing your commitment to excellence. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to conquer the freelance world and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams!

Focusing on Quality over Quantity – Our Long Term Strategy

We focused on quality over quantity. We didn’t just spam our proposals out and applied to every project that came across our feed. Instead, we took the time to carefully read each job description, tailor our proposals, and applied to projects that we were most familiar with. When submitting our proposals we made sure to highlight our relevant experience and skills and to provide case studies or testimonials to demonstrate our expertise.

Focusing on Quality over Quantity-fiver

On Amazon we focused on quality over quantity too. We didn’t just choose any product that was in high demand. We made sure to select products that were high-quality and that our client could sell at a profit.

Setting up a Store & Optimizing Amazon Listing for Our Client

We optimized our listings by incorporating our keywords researched into product title, bullets, and product description – keywords that customers are looking for. Next, we wrote striking yet informative product titles that involved our keywords research. After the title, crafted clear and persuasive copy for product descriptions that focused more on benefits rather than product features – this is how we flaunted our product’s mesmerizing beauty.

Optimizing Amazon Listing-fiver

In addition, we leveraged premium-quality product images that accurately put on our item’s dazzling display, as visuals appeal more and support your content. Alone organic marketing isn’t as effective as when combined with paid marketing. So, we deployed Amazon advertising and sponsored product campaigns as part of our paid marketing strategy and to appear on top of the search results while reaching a wider audience.

Now it’s our pricing turn. Rather getting excited and greedy by the fact that we’re pocket a lucrative sum of money when setting our pricing, we utilized competitive and appealing pricing to attract maximum eyeballs and encourage increased purchases.

Combining all the strategies to optimize our listings and show up at the top of search results, we ensured high-quality images along with videos of the products.

Image Optimization – Captivating Potential Buyers with Visual Appeal

A picture’s worth a thousand words. So, at e360, we are dedicated to providing premium services to our clients. For this reason, we leveraged high-quality product images to accurately show the items of our client at Amazon and make the most of visual impact as we knew visuals appeal more and support your rest of the content.

Image Optimization

Effective Communication – The Key to Building Strong Relationships

We communicated effectively. We know that communication is the key to any successful business relationship. That’s why we made sure to keep our clients updated on our progress throughout the project, and to be responsive to their feedback. We also made sure to build rapport with our clients, so that they felt comfortable working with us.

Effective Communication-fiver

Monitoring Amazon Account – Staying on Top of the Game

Besides, once you have implemented every strategy, it is important to continuously improve your listing’s performance by regularly monitoring and analyzing your Amazon metrics and making necessary adjustments to optimize conversion rates.

Monitoring Amazon Account

Delivering Outstanding Results & Standing Firm to Excellence

We delivered results as this is the most important factor of all. At the end of the day, results are what matter most. That’s why we made sure to deliver high-quality work and delivered what we promised in our proposal writing and even went the extra mile by giving exceptional customer service as exceeding expectations with results is preferable to merely meeting the promised offerings

aDelivering Outstanding Results

Focused on Reviews – Harnessing the Power of Social Proof

We managed our reviews by promptly and professionally responding to reviews. At first, we tried to deliver and exceed client’s expectations with our deliverables – this is how we garnered positive reviews. If somehow, we had fallen short on deliverables, we’d better apologize and compensate for our errors by responding positively to negative and harsh comments. As a problem solving approach always does a favor in turning our haters into long term supporters.

Focused on Reviews

Exceptional Customer Service & Prompt Response

At the end, when everything was done, we provided exceptional customer service and ensured to answer customer questions promptly, resolve any issues and face them head-on rather than running from the problems.

Exceptional Customer Service

Finally! Our Efforts Paid Off: The Results

Our efforts paid off. In a period of a few months, we were able to generate significant dollars in sales for our client – a huge milestone for us, and proof that our Upwork strategy is working. Consequently, clients were happy to trust us with their continual business and become our $5,000 retainer a month.

If you’re thinking of $5000 retainer or more a month, you’ll surely be overjoyed to make use of our experiences shared here – and you’ll be well on your way to catching a bigger fish than us, as sky is the limit on Upwork!

Our Tips & Suggestion for Excellence at Upwork & Amazon:

To help you out with your instant success and reduce potential obstacles you might face, we are sharing our heart out related to Upwork or Amazon world.

Our Tips & Suggestion for Excellence at Upwork & Amazon

Do Your Thorough Research – It Gets You Fluent at Upwork & Amazon:

Make sure you do your best and get a hang of Upwork and know how to maneuver through high-demand but considerably low-competition skills that match your skill sets. Also ensure you know every inside & out of Amazon and the products that are selling hot. Though research is time consuming, it is worth investing your time.

Personalize Your Proposals – 80% Increased Chances of Winning Your Clients:

Do you know that personalizing your proposals every time for new clients wins you 80% more clients as compared to using one template for all? When kicking off your online journey you might be inspired by others’ success and the timeframe they shared, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll start to see a particular outcome in the similar time as you can’t compare your apples with someone’s oranges. Maybe you’ll see your first paycheck in the first month or it will take a few months to generate your first dollar – so you gotta face the reality and don’t need to rush in the process.

Though it’s simple but yet an overlooked tip often. It’s suggested to exclusively curate and personalize your proposals for different clients and get straight to the point. In the first few sentences let the client know you understood their requirement well and this is how you can solve their problem by giving them sneak peek into your approach or you may even share how you solved your previous client’s problem if relevant to the current project. But try to be concise in your wordings.

Quality Wins Over Cheap Products – A Long-run Game:

For excellence at Amazon, from our own experience we suggest choosing high-quality over cheap products that you can sell at a healthy profit margin and don’t try to run after money too much!

Communicate Effectively – An Ideal Way to Win Trust & Long-term Business:

Once you’ve pulled off the proposal writing you gotta maintain effective communication throughout the project. Keep your client in the loop and let them update with any relevant updates, ongoing developments, and be responsive to their feedback – this is how your open and transparent dialogue wins your client’s trust plus continual business that’s what everyone wants.

Deliver on Results as Sole Promises Don’t Do Wonders:

Results are the most important factor of all. Delivering what you promised earlier in your proposal writing and even trying to go the extra mile as exceeding expectations with your results is preferable to merely meeting the promised offerings or at worst falling short on your promises.

Optimize Your Amazon Listings – Backbone to Impressive Revenues:

Begin by conducting thorough keyword research to identify relevant product keywords as to help you understand what customers are searching for. Next, write striking yet informative product titles that incorporate your researched keywords. After the title, curate clear and persuasive product descriptions that focus more on key benefits of product features – this is how you showcase your product’s ultimate value.

In addition, leverage high-quality product images that accurately show your item, as visuals appeal more and support your content. Consider using Amazon paid advertising and sponsored product campaigns to appear in the search results and reach a wider audience. We might suggest when setting your pricing don’t get excited and greedy by the fact that you’re gonna earn a handsome amount of revenue. Instead, try to set competitive and appealing pricing to capture their attention and encourage purchases.

Besides, once you have implemented every strategy, it is important to continuously improve your listing’s performance by regularly monitoring and analyzing its metrics and making necessary adjustments to optimize conversion rates.

Leverage & Manage the Power of Reviews:

Always be prompt and professional in responding to reviews. At first, try to deliver and exceed client’s expectations with your results – this is how you garner positive reviews. If somehow, you fall short on your deliverables, it’s better to apologize and compensate for your errors by responding positively to negative and harsh comments. Your problem solving approach does a favor in turning your haters into your supporters.

Have That Hunger to Give Exceptional Customer Service:

Don’t run from the problems, rather face them head-on and try to answer customer questions promptly and resolve any issues that arise.

In the end, implementing these strategies and consistently refining your approach, you’ll be closer to your targets than ever before.


Retaining a client of $5,000 a month on Upwork is not a piece of cake. It takes blood and sweat, dedication, and a strong knowledge of how the platform works. But it’s 100% possible, as we at e360Digital have already conquered this challenge.

Not only we reached a $5,000 retainer client a month, we also helped our client build an Amazon account from square one and this included everything from keyword research to product hunting to listing optimization and more.

We hope this blog post has given you significant insights into how we locked a $5,000 retainer a month on Upwork and helped build a client’s Amazon store from scratch.

If you’re looking to achieve similar results, we highly encourage you to follow through our tips as this blog post a 360 ° view of our experience with Upwork and Amazon marketplace.